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Lots of updates! December Top 10, new gallery design, and more!

January 9th, 2013 by admin Leave a reply »

Where does he keep it?

Hey guys, long time no see! As I briefly mentioned in the last post, I’ve been working on some big updates for a while now. Some of them are ready for your eyes, so here we go:

  • Gallery Redesign – The gallery has been redesigned a bit for your viewing pleasure.
  • View Layout Page – Included in this redesign is a new way to check out public and private layout: the View Layout page (check out this sample) Each link in the gallery will now send you to the View Layout page (instead of directly to the editor, where it used to). This should load up much quicker than the editor, show the info in a more presentable way, and adds some cool new functionality: layout comments. You can quickly export the layout file, leave a comment, or go to the editor from the View Layout page.
  • Layout Comments – You can now leave comments and replies for individual layouts (anonymously or logged in). The comments feature a nifty nesting design, so get some conversations going!
  • New Heroes wont look as stupid in old layouts – As you may or may not have seen, if a layout was made before a new hero (ex: Timbersaw) was released, that hero still showed up in the layout in the default position. This usually looked dumb, so I’ve made a slight change: any heroes that weren’t originally in the layout (new heroes) will be placed in a random position in the upper left corner.
  • December Top 10 – Well, its super late, but the Top 10 for December is up! Side note: Top 10s will now be selected at the end of the month.
  • Semi-mobile – Some of the site is now mobile friendly. The Gallery, Top 10 Gallery, and View Layout pages all have responsive design built into them now. This means that if you browse the gallery with your phone it should show you something more appropriately designed. The editor is not currently mobile friendly (sorry, its a lot tougher), but I’m still looking into it and this should make browsing on your smartphone less of a hassle.

    I only have so many actual devices to test these new layouts with, so if you see a weird look on a certain devices feel free to let me know.

That’s all I can think of for now. If you love or hate anything, find a huge bug, have any comments or ideas – please let me know in the comments or by contacting me.



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