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Dota2Layout 2.0 (or something cooler sounding) is launching today

October 2nd, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

Where does he keep it?

Hey there Dota fans!

I’ve been working on a huge set of updates since we last talked and they’re ready to go today. These updates include many awesome features like: a Public Gallery of layouts, a Top 10 layouts of the month gallery, a login/user system, UI updates, and way more. Check the changelog:

  • User Accounts – You can now create a user account for If you don’t like change, don’t freak out! You don’t need a user account to do anything you could do before. Without a user account, you can still create, export, import and share layouts like before. However, with a user account, you can do a whole lot of cool stuff:
    • Save and edit your layouts
    • Quickly access your saved layouts
    • Add layouts to public gallery (see below)
    • Give your layouts titles and descriptions that show up in the editor and gallery
    • Vote in public gallery
    • Join discussions in the News section – the Dota2Layout account is linked to the blog and can be used to post comments.

    An email is not required for a Dota2Layout account.

  • Public Gallery – There is now an awesome gallery of publicly available layouts, which can be voted on by users. The gallery includes titles, descriptions, and screenshots of the listed layouts so you can take a quick look before you load up the whole layout. In the public gallery, if you are logged in, you can also vote up layouts you like – and if you really like the layout, suggest it be added to next month’s Top 10 list (see below). Also, be sure to mouseover gallery items to see more details.
  • Top 10 Gallery – Every month Dota2Layout will collect the top best layouts I see and compile them in the Top 10 Gallery for everyone to check out.
  • Added Meepo.
  • UI Overhaul- I tried to fix the design of a lot of different parts of the site that were bugging me. There’s still more design work to be done, but hopefully it looks a little bit better. Some stuff that has changed:
    • Smaller Editor window. The previous window took up like 90% of the main page in height, so people would miss the useful introduction info, latest blog post, the button controls, grid controls, etc. Hopefully more of the website is visible now.
    • Moveable and resizable popups
    • Better buttons. Redid the button design to look a little cheesy, and a little less gigantic.
    • Grid control section – combined the slider and slider outputs into 1 line. Combined the grid controls with the main button controls.
    • Fine Control section – combined the fine controls with the main button controls. Flipped the layout. Now each hero shows their name. Shows total selected count.
    • Gave the preset, aspect ratio, and settings dropdowns their own floating section, removed from the header bar.
    • Added the layout details section on the right. Custom made layouts will show title, description, and other info when you click the show more button.

    The layout is definitely not in set in stone, so if you have feedback please let me know.

  • Aspect Formatting Overhaul – When you switch aspect ratios, it will now try to automatically adjust the layout to better fit the screen. Previously, it would just keep the same position, and if it went over the limit after the aspect change, icons would just be squished to one side. Now it will make the scale smaller for smaller aspects, bigger for bigger ones etc. and also reposition the icons to be roughly at the same place they were before.
  • Random ye olde browser fixes – after lots of struggling to make the site work in IE 8 and possibly IE 7, I’ve made a couple of changes that should allow it to partially work in IE8 and barely work in IE7 (whereas it didn’t load properly at all, after the introduction of grid mode). Most importantly, if you are using IE8 or below, grid mode will not activate. Site still works fine in IE9 and other modern browsers, of course.
  • Various other minor fixes and stuff I can’t remember.

So please, try out the new site! Create some accounts, check out the public and top 10 galleries, have some fun!


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