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Couple of minor updates today

August 23rd, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

Where does he keep it?

Got a couple of minor updates today. Nothing huge, mostly improvements and bug fixes.

  • Better method of loading hero images – including a sweet loading bar. This should fix any issues people were having where an ad would crash (usually in chrome) and then the rest of the site wouldn’t load.¬†This is also an improvement for future coding – heroes no longer rely on a CSS3 image resizing tool. Once I get the grid to gracefully degrade, the site might actually work properly (albeit crappy) on ye olde browsers. Is this a changelog or a place for me to ramble? Hmm…
  • Changed the popups so that they only grey out the drag and drop area of the site. The rest of the page, below and above, are now fully interactive while a popup is up – whereas before it made the entire site unclickable until you closed the popup
  • Enforced the upper z-index limit for linked layouts.
  • The multiple selection now properly disables while a popup is up.
  • Minor bug fixes, css changes
  • Re-enabled Rubick (lol whoops)

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