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Working on Abaddon

July 15th, 2013

Where does he keep it?

Hey guys, I’m working on adding Abaddon to the site, but I’ve run into a problem with GCFScape (the tool I use to extract the hero icons from Dota 2).

I may have to add a temporary icon, or scrounge one up from the internet, but I would really prefer to have it straight from the source.

GCFScape is giving me an illegal character error and crashing before I can extract anything. Anyone have experience with this? Drop a comment if you can help out.

Much appreciated!


Edit: Problem Solved! For anyone else that stumbles upon this post looking for a solution to the same GCFScape problem that I had, my solution was to update my version of GCFscape to the latest version available. The version I had was incompatible with the dota file system and updating it fixed the incompatibility. Hope this works for anyone else that is stuck!