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Dota 2 Layout Editor FAQ

Where does he keep it?


What is this?#

This is the Dota 2 Layout Editor. Here you can create a hero layout that can be easily imported to the Dota 2 client or shared with your friends. Try dragging and dropping the hero icons on the main page to start out.

How do I get started?#

For a more thorough introduction to the Layout Editor, check out the Getting Started page.

Are there any browser requirements to use the layout editor?#

Yes, there are some requirements. In order to properly use the layout editor you will need a modern, updated browser (somewhat CSS3 compliant). This site will likely be very wonky on older browsers like Internet Explorer 8 and below. Your browser will also need javascript enabled. You may also need flash to properly import files.

I don’t recommend using a mobile phone or mobile browser for the layout editor. I haven’t built or optimized it for phones at all. I highly recommend you use it on the same computer you play Dota 2.

The news section (what you are currently reading), however, should work fine on whatever browser you throw at it. Go nuts.

What is an Aspect Ratio and why do I need to know it?#

From wikipedia:

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of a shape to its height

In this case, the shape is the size of your screen that you play Dota 2 on. In Dota 2 when you select your game resolution (in the video options), you have to select the aspect ratio that resolution falls under. Dota 2 has 3 different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 16:10).

The reason the Dota 2 Layout Editor needs to know the aspect ratio is that Dota 2 uses different coordinate systems for the different aspect ratios. So say you put the Axe icon in the center of the screen – the 3 different aspect ratios have 3 different X values for that location and the website can only figure out what the correct center value is for you if it knows what aspect ratio you play the game in.

Simply enough, just pick out the aspect ratio that you use in game and everything should work out. If you don’t know which you use, you can go into the Video Options inside the Dota 2 client and find it there. You can set your aspect ratio by using the dropdown box in the upper right corner of the Layout Editor.

Do you need my game resolution too?#

Nope, just the aspect ratio you use. Dota 2 uses 3 unique coordinate systems for the 3 different aspect ratios. Each resolution that comes under those individual aspect ratios will just scale the icon and screen size to fit.

What is the Grid for?#

Update: The Grid system has recently been updated to be much more useful. You can now control the distance (width and height) between gridlines. You can also optionally turn on Snap to Grid, which will try to snap the icons to the nearest gridline in place after you drop them.

How do I get my layout from this site to the Dota 2 game?#

When you are finished changing your layout press the “Export Layout” button. This will ask you to save a layout text file somewhere. Put it in the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg\layouts\

or wherever your Dota 2 steam folder is, based on your computer setup and operating system. Once it is in the \cfg\layouts\ directory, start up Dota 2. Join a game and go to the Grid Layout. Press the edit button, and then the Import button. You should see a list of saved layouts, including the one that you exported from this website.

How do I share my layout with other people?#

When you are finished changing your layout press the “Share this Layout” button. This will generate a unique link that you can copy and paste into chats, instant messages, forums, etc to share with other people.

Why can’t I drag hero icons above/below a certain point?#

The dragging boundaries are based on what the Dota 2 client can actually show. You can’t drop icons on top of the clock or player names because Dota 2 wouldn’t properly show that. Although you can drag on top of those places inside the Dota 2 client, if you tried to save the layout or export it, it would revert the icon’s location to below that point. You can’t drag a hero icon below the bottom of the page for the same reason.

If you show the Grid overlay (press the Show/Hide Grid button), you can easily see what the boundaries are.

Do you have any beta keys?#

Nope. Sorry.

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