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Updates Galore: Snap to Grid, Resizable Grids, and more

August 4th, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

Where does he keep it?
Hey guys, got a pretty sizable update ready for you!

Today’s update introduces a preliminary version of a feature that lots of people were requesting: Snap To Grid. The Show Grid button now has its own sections. When you turn the grid on you will see the Snap To Grid checkbox, while that and the grid are on the hero icons will try to snap to the nearest grid line if they are close when you drop the icon.

The horizontal and vertical spacing between grids lines is also dynamic now. In the new Grid Controls box you will also find 2 sliders. Slide them and the distance between grid lines will change.

Another big update is that the X and Y coordinate boxes in the Fine Controls section are interactive. They can take input – so you can type in a specific X value or copy and paste a value into another icon.

There are also some minor updates and changes, but those are the big ones. Try em out!

Reminder: I’m still looking for great layouts to add to the presets. Check out this discussion for more info.


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