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Discussion: Looking for some great layouts!

August 1st, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

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Hey guys and gals, I’m looking to spruce up the preset layouts (you can see the slim pickins I made myself by using the dropdown labeled Preset Layout in upper right corner of the Layout Editor).

So far I have the default layout, a layout that divides the heroes by roles (poorly), and a crazy one for testing.

So, what I want from you is bigger and better layouts. I’m looking for the following style of layouts and the best ones might get added to the Preset list for the world to see:

  • Better breakdown of roles: hard carries, carries, supports, gankers, etc
  • Matching colors
  • Alphabetical
  • Any awesome layouts you can come up with

So, go forth make some crazy, awesome layouts on the Layout Editor, press the Share this Layout button to get the layout link and then leave a comment on this post with your layout.

Share this Layout Button


After some time I’ll pick a couple of winners and announce them.

(This is also a good excuse to get some wider testing in, so let me know if you have any major problems!)



  1. artanisix says:
    Here’s a layout that matches my OP for Neogaf’s Dota 2 OT.
    Roles are an imperfect thing to group around, but I did what I felt was most appropriate.

    On the left:
    Row 1: AOE Carries
    Row 2: Pusher Carries
    Row 3: Tanker Carries
    Row 4/5: Pure Carries

    In the middle:
    Row 1/2: Supports
    Row 3: Pushers
    Row 4/5: Initiators

    On the right:
    Row 1/2/3: Gankers
    Row 4/5/6: Ganker Carries/Semi-Carries

  2. bYSSEEH says:

    Just a my own random layout, thanks for the tool to smooth it out!
    Been looking for something like this :)

    • admin says:

      This looks pretty interesting. Can you describe what the groups are at all?

      • bYSSEEH says:

        Mid/big icons are my MOST FUN HEROES.
        Left is utility/specific roles that I like playing

        Bottom left is heroes Im currently “practicing”.

        Small top mid is carries Im not a huge fan of but might be very usefull!

        Bottom mid is just the most fun non-carries.

        Right is the scrappile where I keep my least played/non fun heroes.

        Bottom right is supports.

        Its not very logical what so ever, but it works for me and I thought Id share it :)

  3. emi says:

    My attempt at grouping heroes using the Chinese 1-5 system. Keep in mind this is all my opinion.

  4. skd says:

    Color grid layout:

    Not my original creation, I just added the newest heroes.

  5. An7hrax says:

    Would be awesome if valve added some small tools for the layout like text/labels and something to make boxes to show which heros contain to that label and such. Much like html have the textbox function.

  6. An7hrax says:

    July tier list for captainsmode:

    this guy made it, just added the 3 new heros to it:

    the 6 heroes on the side ain’t yet rated.
    Heros on top is mostly banned/picked and the ones at the bottom is never picked/banned in competitive matches. If you feel you know where to place the 6 heros that aren’t rated yet please do so and replay :)

  7. Ashan says:

    This is my personal layout, it puts focus on the heroes I like to play, and Axe whom I predominantly play.

  8. infussle says:

    Here’s one I made, based upon one of the earlier layouts that were created with the initial patch:

  9. Lodurr says:

    Another personal pantheon layout. Best heroes are biggest.

    Right side is melee heroes, left side is ranged.
    The middle group is carries, the left group is ranged support/semi-carries and the right group is melee support/semi-carries (initiators/pushers too).

    Since there are so many different roles and so many multi-role heroes, the simplest role division is hard carry and not-a-hard-carry. Some semi-carries can become a support if needed and vice-versa, but hard carries generally can’t do anything well but hard carry. Also it’s so frequent in the Normal/High bracket to have 3 or 4 hard carries picked on the same team, sometimes you have to limit yourself to heroes that don’t need to soak up farm to be effective.

    Bigger icons on the edges makes sense because they’re still visible while you’re focused on the center of the screen.

    I feel like this was Valve’s intent when they made the customizable system, that people can arrange their own pantheon of preferred heroes and marginalize the heroes they never normally play. But until they implement better controls, this site is necessary to even make these layouts possible.

    • Lodurr says:

      Also want to mention that I used the following cheat sheet for spacing out the icons based on size with 2-pixel gaps between icons:

      Size 3 Icon – X incremented by 36, Y incremented by 48

      Size 5 Icon – X incremented by 48, Y incremented by 67

      And i used 604 as the X value to center the first icon in the middle of my 16:10 screen. In-game, the middle icons fit perfectly underneath the timer but it seems like the “Play ______” button isn’t centered on that timer, so you can’t line up perfectly with both as far as I know.

  10. Bean2k1x says:

    Heroes listed acording to movement speed, fastest to the left:

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