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Big Update: Multiple Selection, Grid and Snap to Grid 2.0, and more!

August 20th, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

Where does he keep it?
Got another big update for you guys today!

I’ve been working a lot on finishing up the most requested ideas since the last update and today I am rolling out a very popular one: Multiple Selection. There are also a ton of other updates and improvements for you to check out:

Big Updates

  • Multiple Selection: you can now select multiple heroes at once (whereas you could only do one at a time before). You can then drag your selection as a group, change their scale as a group, etc. There are a couple of ways to multi select:
    • Ctrl+click hero icon – add/remove one hero to the selection
    • Highlight heroes – drag a box around several heroes to create a selection of the highlighted heroes
    • Ctrl+highlight heroes – drag a box around several heroes to add/remove highlighted heroes to selection
    • Shift+click hero icon – create a highlight box from the first selected hero to the clicked hero. If there is no selected hero, it will only select the clicked hero
  • Grid 2.0 – The grid system has been updated to improve browser compatibility and accuracy greatly.
  • Snap to Grid 2.0 – Along with the grid update, snap to grid has been significantly improved. Now a dragged hero will try to snap to the grid (if the grid is showing and if the snap to grid checkbox is checked) while dragging (it used to only snap on drop). If there is a snap, a horizontal and vertical guideline will temporarily appear to show where the snap was. Snap to grid should also be significantly more accurate across browsers, where before it was a toss-up for different browsers.

Minor Updates, Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Mousewheel will only change the selected hero scale while your mouse is inside the box that contains the hero icons.
  • Mousewheel scrolling is normalized for devices that were giving weird scroll values (some laptops)
  • Keyboard movement now starts at 1 pixel per keypress and scales up as you hold the key down.
  • Latest blog post shows up on main page
  • Changes to caching scheme, so that the site should load a lot faster on return visits.
  • All sliders will now move at increments of 1.
  • Various design changes

And there’s probably more I didn’t think of – so please play around with the main page and try out some multi-selecting! If you see any weird bugs or have feedback, feel free to contact me.

PS: if you want to “hide” a bunch of icons in your layout: select all of the icons and then drag the selection into one of the corners. The selected icons will stack on top of each and effectively hide all of them (besides the top one).


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